Those of you who know Anthony Green know him as the guy with the pitch-defying pipes who fronts rock band Circa Survive. While Circa are certainly still active, Green recently found some time to record his solo debut Avalon, a stripped-down foil to the progressive punk Green usually croons over. Just before Green embarked on a summer-long solo tour to support the disc, he spoke about the writing and recording process of Avalon.

What’s the background story behind Avalon?

Well, I recorded it in Avalon, New Jersey. I think I started at the end of February and worked until about March eighth or ninth. I went down to my fiancĂ©’s parents’ house, which is a block away from the beach, and I was there for eight days. My buddy Josh and his buddy Joe were both engineers and owned a bunch of studio equipment and they brought all their stuff up and set it up in the family room of this beautiful house. We set up in the main room, which was just hardwood floors with natural light coming through everywhere. We set up a mixing board, put mics all over the place, and took it song by song.

Anthony GreenWhen did you write the majority of these songs?

They’re all from different time periods over the last 10 years. Some of the songs I’ve written in the last year, a couple of them are brand new, and a lot of them?most of them?are really old. For the song that we just made this video for, “Dear Child (I’ve Been Dying to Reach You),” I wrote the vocals four or five years ago and wrote the song years before that. Then there are songs on the record that I wrote when I was a junior in high school.

How are these songs different than the music you make with Circa Survive?

A bunch of the songs I wanted to be on Circa albums and didn’t make the cut. We were working with a producer [on the last Circa Survive album, On Letting Go] and he had a certain idea of how he thought Circa songs should be. At the time that I was writing and doing this stuff, I wasn’t necessarily able to articulate to the band what I wanted to do with them because I don’t know chords or scales. I also don’t think I was willing to fight for a lot of songs because tracks like “Devil’s Song (This Feels Like a Nightmare)” was a song I wrote in 10 or 15 minutes and that was not something we did with Circa Survive.

Are the lyrics more personal this time around?

Usually I don’t like talking about what songs are about, but my dad was in the hospital for cardiac arrest and I went to visit him and had this really cryptic conversation and wrote “Miracle Sun” shortly afterward. I’m not saying that’s what that song’s about. I’m not saying anything about what that song’s about because I’m still learning myself. Every song on the record has to do with something that was happening in my life the moment that I wrote it. “She Loves Me So” is about exactly what you think you feel about love. Everyone is always trying to look for what the meaning of everything is, and that’s what’s funny about these songs?to me they’re all so obvious.