The first week of August has some major musical milestones, including the release of Def Leppard's mammoth Hysteria and the birthday of Metallica's James Hetfield and Foo Fighters' Pat Smear. Below find some major events, historic record releases and notable births and deaths happening July 31 through August 6.


1962 - Robert Zimmerman legally makes his name Bob Dylan.

1963 - The Beatles performs at the Cavern Club in Liverpool for the final time.

1979 - Led Zeppelin plays the U.K. for the last time. 

1980 - The Eagles perform a show in Long Beach, California, that is their last show as a band for fourteen years. 

1980 - Def Leppard opens for AC/DC in New York City, and it's the band's first U.S. live show.

Vivian Campbell by Anne Erickson

1987 - Guns N' Roses being filming their video for “Welcome to the Jungle” in

Hollywood, California.

1991 - Pearl Jam performs RKCNDY in Seattle and films the show for the music video for “Alive.”

1995 - Jamaica issues a commemorative series of postage stamps paying tribute to Bob Marley.

1996 - MTV starts MTV2.

2010 - Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine unleashes his autobiography, Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir.


The Beatles, Revolver, 1966

The Beatles

The Eagles, Witchy Woman, 1972

Alabama, Lady Down on Love, 1983

Def Leppard, Hysteria, 1987

Def Leppard

George Clinton, The Cinderella Theory, 1989


Bill Berry (R.E.M.) - July 31, 1958

Fatboy Slim, July 31, 1963

Will Champion (Coldplay) - July 31, 1978

Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) - July 31, 1981

Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), August 1, 1942

Boz Burrell (Bad Company), August 1, 1946

Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple, the James Gang), August 1, 1951

Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), August 1, 1959

Garth Hudson (The Band), August 2, 1937

Pete De Freitas (Echo And The Bunnymen), August 2, 1961

Tony Bennett, August 3, 1926

John Graham (Earth, Wind & Fire), August 3, 1951

Ed Roland (Collective Soul), August 3, 1963

James Hetfield (Metallica), August 3, 1963

Louis Armstrong, August 4, 1901

Robbin Crosby (Ratt), August 4, 1959

Greg Leskiw (The Guess Who), August 5, 1947

Pat Smear (Foo Fighters), August 5, 1959

Adam Yauch (MCA of the Beastie Boys), August 5, 1964

Andy Warhol, August 6, 1928


John Locke (Nazareth, Spirit), August 4, 2006

Luther Perkins (a member of Johnny Cash's backing band), August 5, 1968

Jeff Porcaro (drummer for Toto), August 5, 1992

Rick James, August 6, 2004

Carlo Little (The Rolling Stones' original drummer), August 6, 2005

Photo credit: Anne Erickson photography