U2 Edge Les Paul Award 2016

U2’s Edge recently picked up Q magazine’s Gibson Les Paul award, and he talks about his love for Gibson guitars in a new video interview with Q Magazine’s YouTube Video Fort.

In the interview, The Edge tells a story about going to New York in 1978 and picking up a prized Gibson guitar.

“I went into a stop in New York not knowing what I was going to walk out with and tried a few guitars,” The Edge says in the video. “I picked this Gibson Explorer off the shelf and within five minutes, I realized that was the guitar I was going to go home with. I could feel there were songs in it. That was the feeling I got. So, that guitar did the first album. (It was) the only guitar we had for the whole first album and, pretty much, every tour until the last tour, when I finally retired it and bought a newer model out. But, yeah, love Gibson guitars.”

The Edge added that he also, of course, digs the Gibson Les Paul.

“I’m a big fan of Les Pauls and a big fan of Les Paul himself for a lot of reasons,” he says. “But I think he was an innovator, a scientist and an inventor, as well as a musician, and I reckon for that reason he’s kind of my man.”

Photo by James Bryant.