Tyler Ward

Tyler Ward may have kick started his music career via YouTube (he’s one of the most popular acts on there) but he’s now a bona fide touring act. You can check out his tour dates here. So we wanted to know about life on the road. What are Tyler’s road trip essentials?

iPad / for Netflix and TV show watching

Here’s a list of TV shows I'm currently watching:

Pretty Little liars



Orange is the New Black ( I don't recommend this to anyone but I became addicted)

House of Cards

Friday Night Lights

Silicon Valley

My Favorite is Silicon Valley because it shows the story of a startup company and the good times and bad times. It reminds me of the business I'm currently running and it gives startups hope! Lol.

Computer for editing

You can see exactly what I edit in this video. I do audio, video, EVERYTHING from my computer! I'm actually using my computer right now, typing from my venue in Dallas! Good times :)

Wet wipes for quick showers

WE shower @ Anytime Fitness...We don't do day rooms. But we are on a bus...So we need showers. Sometimes I sleep too late and miss the shower/workout time! haha. Wet wipes are MONEY when it comes to staying clean. It gets between the cracks! Hah.

Pair of athletic sneakers for workouts

I used a pair of super light shoes. Except this morning...I left my shoes in Austin so I had to workout in ALDO boots. Ha. I always get inspiration from Shaun T (the guy who does Insanity) - Doing his workouts ALL THE TIME~!

Gold bond for when you run out of socks

We do Laundry about once every two weeks!

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