From the birth of rock greats such as Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett and David Coverdale to the release notable albums including Nirvana’s Nevermind and Green Day’s American Idiot, the week of September 19 through 25 claims some major moments in rock history. Read on for some major events, historic record releases and notable births and deaths happening September 19 through September 25.


1962 - Bob Dylan performed for the first time at Carnegie Hall.

1967 - The Beatles graced the cover of Time Magazine.

1968 - Steppenwolf scored their first gold record for "Born to be Wild."

1973 - The Roxy Theater opened its doors in Los Angeles. The first acts to perform at the venue were Elton John, Carole King and Jackson Browne.

1980 - David Bowie began his run acting in the Broadway show “The Elephant Man.”

1980 - Bob Marley played his last show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1985 - The first Farm-Aid concert took place in Champaign, Illinois. The concert helped raise $10 million for U.S. farmers.

1989 - The Bangles called it quits.


1997 - VH1’s “Storytellers” aired its debut episode. It was a 90-minute special with Elton John at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

1999 – HBO debuted its live music show, "Reverb." Everlast and Alanis Morissette performed at the first show.


Cass Elliot (The Mamas & the Papas), September 19, 1943

Lita Ford, September 19, 1958

Chuck and John Panozzo (Styx), September 20, 1948

Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), September 20, 1966

Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), September 20, 1968

Leonard Norman Cohen (Leonard Cohen), September 21, 1934

Don Felder (Eagles), September 21, 1947

Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies), September 21, 1967

Liam Gallagher (Oasis), September 21, 1972

David Silveria (Korn), September 21, 1972

David Coverdale (Whitesnake, Deep Purple), September 22, 1951

Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde), September 22, 1957

Nicholas Edward "Nick" Cave (The Bad Seeds, the Birthday Party), September 22, 1957

Joan Jett, September 22, 1958

John Coltrane, September 23, 1926

Ray Charles, September 23, 1930

Neal Smith (Alice Cooper), September 23, 1947

Bruce Springsteen, September 23, 1949

Lawrence "Booker T." Laury, September 23, 1995

Will Smith, September 25, 1968


Gram Parsons (The Byrds), September 19, 1973

John 'Jaco' Pastorius, September 21, 2987

Robbie McIntosh (Average White Band), September 23, 1974

Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, September 25, 1980


Elvis Presley, Jailhouse Rock, 1957

The Doors, People Are Strange, 1967

Bachman-Turner Overdrive, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, 1974

The Rolling Stones, Love You Live, 1977

Steely Dan, Aja, 1977

The Eagles, The Long Run, 1979

Bon Jovi, New Jersey, 1988

KISS, Psycho Circus, 1998

Lenny Kravitz, Let Love Rule, 1989

AC/DC, The Razor's Edge, 1990


Nirvana, Nevermind, 1991

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 1991

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nirvana, In Utero, 1993

Weezer, Pinkerton, 1996


Dream Theater, Falling into Infinity, 1997

The Rolling Stones, Bridges to Babylon, 1997

Sting, Brand New Day, 1999

Chris Tomlin, Arriving, 2004

Green Day, American Idiot, 2004

No Doubt, Push and Shove, 2012