Rett Smith

Nashville based singer and guitarist Rett Smith released his first EP Tularosa last year. Now he’s back with Oscuro, a four-song collection of original blues rock tunes. In this interview with Rett talks about the new songs, his 1964 Gibson SG, and a guitar from Gibson Custom that quickly became a favorite.

So, what's have you been up to since last we spoke?

I recently finished a new EP Oscuro and the response to the music so far has been really great, which is exciting. I’m looking forward to everyone checking it out.

How do you feel the songs on Oscuro compare to Tularosa? Based on your posts on social media, it seems like you were afforded more time to work in the studio this time around.

I feel it's a bit of a continuation of Tularosa. I wanted to expand a bit on the first record and make it happen on my own. I actually recorded it super quickly, in about 4 days at Blackbird Studios here in Nashville. I wanted to record the vast majority live so we went in and knocked it out. I don't like to overthink things once I'm in the studio.

I'm assuming you have some cool guitar solos in store for us?

Oscuro is definitely a guitar driven record. I really wanted to let loose a bit and see where it took me. I'm super happy with where I ended up. The rawness is definitely there.

Rett Smith

I've also seen you post pictures of a 1964 Gibson SG on Instagram.

I bought it right before I recorded Oscuro and fell in love with her right away. I love an old SG with a big neck! I didn't use any effects on the record besides a stock Crybaby Wah so the guitar tone is super pure, let that old wood come through.

I'm assuming you're still using your Les Paul as well?

I could never make a record without a Les Paul. I used my favorite Les Paul, which is a 2013 [1959 Reissue Les Paul Standard] that I will never get rid of. That guitar is my true workhorse and can do anything.

So what happens next? Will you be doing some touring with the new music?

Yes, definitely. After some health setbacks, I wasn't able to tour much on Tularosa, but now I'm ready to hit the road! I feel like the live show and playing a guitar in front of a live audience is really where I'm meant to be, so I look forward to staying out on the road for a good chunk of the future.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, and best of luck with the new EP!

Good talking to you, man! Always a pleasure!

Rett Smith