Seven years ago, the Florida-based pop-punk band New Found Glory  released From The Screen to Your Stereo, an upbeat adaptation of classic movie soundtracks and themes which included everything from The Neverending Story theme song to CĂ©line Dion’s Titantic-sized hit “My Heart Will Go On.”

This month, the band released the long-awaited sequel From The Screen to Your Stereo Part II, which sees the band tackling classic tracks from more current films such as Napoleon Dynamite, Walk The Line, and Donnie Darko. “We treated the songs like we do on any other New Found Glory record in the sense that some of the songs are slower and some are faster, so they all have a different feel,” explains guitarist Chad Gilbert, who exclusively used Gibson Les Pauls on the album in order to preserve the band’s signature guitar sound. “I think (singer) Jordan (Pundik’s) voice is so distinctive that anything he’s on will sound like New Found Glory, but, of course, we also added a lot of breakdowns and stuff like that, too. I just wanted to make sure my guitar sound was big and powerful and consistent.”

Even though the band had tackled this concept before, Gilbert insists that the hardest part of the conceptualizing the record was deciding which songs the group would attempt. “The process basically consisted of going through a bunch of songs that we thought we could make New Found Glory songs,” Gilbert continues, adding that Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” was one that got scrapped. “It’s not necessarily about picking the catchiest songs. For example, I’ve probably listened to Huey Lewis’ “The Power of Love” more than “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, but when we tried to redo Huey Lewis it just sounded weird. Essentially, it was a process of discovering which songs we could make ours without it sounding forced.”

The album also features contributions from artists who were influenced by the original From the Screen to Your Stereo. Say Anything’s  Max Bemis, Cartel’s Will Pugh,Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba, Taking Back Sunday’s  Adam Lazar, and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump all turn in memorable performances. “We did a short tour with Fall Out Boy a while back and told them we were thinking of making this record and Patrick told us how much he and (bassist) Pete (Wentz) loved the first one,” Gilbert explains. “Once we picked the songs, I called Patrick and read him the list, and I guess he had always wanted to cover ‘King of Wishful Thinking,' so it worked out perfectly.”

However, despite the fact that some of pop-punk’s biggest names contributed to the album, the most impressive cameo, somewhat fittingly, comes from someone with no ties to the punk community but one whose career was built on a soundtrack: Lisa Loeb  , who duets on a stunning version of her own 1995 smash, “Stay.” “Growing up, I think every kid who heard that song and saw the video had a huge crush on Lisa because she was the first girl who wore those thick-rimmed glasses and had that kind of look,” Gilbert says when asked what initially drew him to the song. The band sent word to Loeb that they were covering “Stay” and sent her a copy of their version of the track, asking her to sing certain lines. “Once she heard it she loved it, so she went into a studio and mailed us her tracks over the Internet and that was it,” he beams.

So, can we expect a duet from Lisa Loeb and New Found Glory in person any time soon?

“Actually right after she sent it to us she told us, ‘This was so fun. When are we going to play it live?’” Gilbert enthuses. “So there’s definitely a chance that we’ll perform it together soon.”

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Check out a free download of New Found Glory’s “King of Wishful Thinking” here.