Gibson’s new tuning system, Min-ETune™, a small compact battery powered tuning unit attached to the back of a guitar is already proving popular with several cutting edge artists.

TeraBrite is a two-piece band that found fame on YouTube and guitarist D.J. Monopoli is already hooked.

“My first recording session with my Les Paul with Min-ETune™ was the most delightful recording session I have ever experienced,” he said. “I am usually very obsessive compulsive over double checking and making sure that the guitar is in tune each time before hitting record because it's never fun playing a perfect take only to find that one string was slightly out of tune shortly after. That usually causes a lot of stress for me and it ruins my creativity. Since my process of recording usually consists of me writing the song as I am recording, making sure my creativity is in check during the recording session is crucial to having a good end result. With Min-ETune™ that stress is literally gone for me, and my creativity was flowing like crazy.”

Rising star Jeffrey James who appeared on NBC's "The Voice Season 3," and has opened shows for Hanson. Jeffrey’s video for “Falling” playfully illustrates Min-ETune™ in action.

TeraBrite Mini-ETune Vlog

TeraBrite “In Honor of Her Heart”

Jeffrey James “Falling”