Gibson inlay by Anne Erickson

Nothing beats a booming and emotionally-charged bass tone that moves the music to the next level. Gibson has revealed six new bass guitars for its 2014 lineup, and the new models deliver the kind of sound that fuels the most passionate low-end playing.

The new models include a variety of SG and Thunderbird models and the Midtown Bass, all with many fresh, cutting-edge features. Moreover, since this year marks Gibson’s 120th anniversary, each 2014 model features a special 120th Anniversary banner inlay at the 12th fret.

Take a glance at the full roster of 2014 bass models below, and find more details on the new low-end offerings here.

Gibson Thunderbird bass

2014 Thunderbird: The 2014 Thunderbird Bass is the thunderous companion to Gibson’s Firebird guitar and an unbeatable value for such a high-end instrument at $1,999 list. The killer model offers classic Thunderbird styling and nine-ply “through neck” construction, united with two excellent T-Bird Plus bass pickups and a sturdy, three-point adjustable bridge. The heart of the 2014 Thunderbird Bass is the model’s “through neck” construction, with the neck and central body section created from the same rugged nine-ply mahogany and walnut tonewood blank for supreme strength and sustain. This 34-inch scale bass also features a rosewood fingerboard that carries 20 jumbo frets and acrylic pearl dot inlays. Finishes available include Heritage Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, or Walnut finish.

Gibson SG Special bass

2014 SG Special Bass: The new SG Special Bass offers lots of low-end drive and character for a low price of just $699 list. The bass is made from solid mahogany in the now-famous double-cutaway SG style, with a glued-in, short-scale mahogany neck carved to a comfortable, slender profile. The 30-inch scale models also offers a rosewood fingerboard with 20 jumbo frets and dot inlays, plus an innovative T-Bird three-point bridge and Grover shamrock tuners. This beauty is available with a variety of finishes: Cherry Stain, Fireburst and Chocolate satin.

Gibson SG Standard bass

2014 SG Standard Bass: The 2014 SG Standard bass offers a range of high-quality features at a price that’s not going to break the bank: $1,399 list. Among that plethora of features are a solid mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, Supreme Grip speed knobs, extra large strap button, 30-inch scale, T-Bird Plus and vintage-style T-Bird mini pickups, Grover shamrock-style tuners, gloss lacquer and 3-point adjustable bridge. Finishes available include Heritage Cherry and Walnut.

Gibson EB 5-string bass

2014 EB Bass 5-String: Say a 4-string bass just isn’t enough? That’s why there’s Gibson’s 2014 EB Bass 5 String, with runs just $1,099 list. The new EB Bass model offers an incredibly comfortable body shape to a glued-in, 34-inch scale, 5-string neck and two amazing sounding new humbucking bass pickups. Whether you play in-the-pocket funk, warm and sultry jazz, or raging rock, the EB Bass is primed to take it on. The foundation of this new model is a solid ash body and glued-in maple neck, offering the most resonant, rich tone out there. The 2014 EB Bass also offers Gibson’s new Alnico rod bass humbuckers with coil taps, a Babicz Full Contact bridge for augmented sustain. Available vintage-gloss finishes include Brilliant Red, Fireburst, Natural, Bullion Gold, or Vintage Sunburst.

Gibson EB 4-string bass

EB Bass 4-String: The 2014 EB Bass 4-String is the companion to our 5-sring bass of the same name. At a list price of just $999, this pick offers lots of bass action at a low price. Like its 5-string counterpart, the EB Bass 4-String offers Alnico rod bass humbuckers with coil taps and a Babicz Full Contact bridge. Also like its 5-string counterpart, this model offers a 34-inch scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and an ash body. Available finishes vintage-gloss finishes include Brilliant Red, Bullion Gold, Fireburst, Natural and Vintage Sunburst.

Bass tips: For helpful tips on how to get eight different bass sounds from both the 4-string and 5-string EB Bass models, go here.

Gibson Midtown Signature bass

2014 Midtown Signature Bass: The 2014 Midtown Signature Bass takes its direction from the high-quality Midtown guitar series and the classic Les Paul Signature semi-hollow bass, preferred by famed players such as Jack Cassidy and Mike Watt, for a list price of only $1,699. Classic tonewoods and a flexible pairing of pickups offer snappy tones from this 34-inch scale model. Meanwhile, cutting-edge T-Bird three-point bridge and Grover shamrock tuners pull it all together. Available finishes include Bullion Gold, Graphite Pearl, or Pelham Blue finish.

Live bass guitar photos by Anne Erickson