Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI are wrapping up the 2014 Carnivores Tour, and the trek brought out a bevy of Gibson guitars. On tour, Linkin Park multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda is rocking his Heritage Cherry Red SG, while AFI guitarist Jade Puget has his beloved Les Pauls out to play. Check out some exclusive photos from the tour here.


Linkin Park are touring in support of their recently released album The Hunting Party, which features a return to the heavier side of Linkin Park.

Shinoda recently explained the evolution of the album in a press conference, explaining, “When we were making the album, I had a handful of demos that were a little more - they weren't quite as heavy as this. They were a little more electronic-driven, and there was just a day that I was listening, I was looking for something to listen to and I couldn't find what it was that I wanted.”


He added, “I wanted something more aggressive and heavy and energetic and I just kept finding either stuff that was - you know, there's another part to it, too. I wanted it to be, like, modern and progressive and the only stuff I was finding was - if it was modern and progressive, it tended to be a little more mellow. And if it was heavier, it tended to sound more - it tended to not be as progressive. And so, I think we all found that there was just a style that was kind of being underserved that we wanted to hear and that's what we decided to make.”


Photos by Anne Erickson