On Wednesday, August 8, The Edge will turn 46. Gibson would like to wish him a big happy birthday!

Longstanding and legendary U2 guitarist The Edge has filled many important public roles—world-famous guitarist, big-hearted philanthropist, and lifelong Gibson artist—during his 20+ year career, and we consider him a valued member of the Gibson family.

David Evans, aka The Edge, was born August 8, 1961 in Barking, London. A year later, his family relocated to Dublin which he now considers his hometown. At age 15, The Edge answered what he would later consider a serendipitous ad, tacked onto a campus bulletin board. The ad, placed by U2 drummer Larry Mullen, called for local musicians looking to form a rock band. By then, The Edge had been taking guitar lessons for several years, and he jumped at the opportunity. Other respondents to the ad included Paul Hewson (later known as Bono) and bassist Adam Clayton, both of whom rounded out the lineup in what was to become one of the world’s most beloved, best-selling bands of all time.

Exploding onto the scene in the ’80s and ’90s, U2 released a series of epic, hit-laden rock albums, including The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, which produced iconic singles like “With or Without You,” “Where the Streets Have No Name,” and “One.” Never shying from experimentation, The Edge has long made liberal use of digital delay effects and reverb, and his moody guitarwork, traditionally on a Gibson Explorer, has defined much of U2’s distinctive sound.

For more than 20 years, The Edge has propelled and shaped the sound of U2 through 11 studio albums and countless world tours. In 2004, U2 released the well-received How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, which won them their 22nd Grammy, tying them with Stevie Wonder for more Grammy awards than any other artist.

Also in 2004, The Edge signed on as co-founder of Music Rising, the Gibson Foundation’s initiative to provide the Gulf Coast with instruments destroyed during the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Check out The Edge’s Music Rising Epiphone Les Paul here: www.musiciansfriend.com