Everyone knows that the Vans Warped Tour is the hottest festival of the summer, but how many of you also knew that Gibson was the guitar of choice for the tour’s most promising up-and-coming artists? Here, ten of Warped’s future headliners weigh in on why they won’t get onstage without their favorite Gibson in hand.

The Actual 
The Actual are a pop-influenced rock quartet from Los Angeles, California. The band’s latest album, In Stitches, was produced by Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland. Weiland was so impressed by the results that he had them open for Velvet Revolver earlier this year.

“My Gibson Les Paul sings like no other guitar I've ever played. I don't feel comfortable playing any other guitar.” —Ben Flanagan

Gibson of choice: Gibson Les Paul Studio

“I like Gibson guitars because they're just classy. People are always trying to improve on Gibson's ideas, but it's like trying to build a better mousetrap—it already works wonderfully.” —Max Bernstein

Gibson of choice: 2005 Gibson Flying V

Amber Pacific
Amber Pacific are a pop-punk band from Seattle, Washington. This is their fourth year on the Warped Tour. Their single, “Fall Back Into My Life,” off their latest full-length, Truth in Sincerity, is featured on the soundtrack for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“I've always played Gibsons because I figured out that the harder I play on them, the better they sound. That's not something I can get out of most other guitars.” —Rich Hanson

Gibsons of choice: 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2006 Gibson Explorer, 2007 Gibson SG Standard 

Family Force 5
Family Force 5 are a Christian rock band from Atlanta, Georgia with a strong hip-hop influence. In addition to the Warped Tour, the band has made appearances everywhere from The Cornerstone Festival to The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

“I play a Gibson because I have always loved the guitars they have made and the way they sound. They have been used on countless albums and live shows worldwide, and it’s a brand that you can trust that always works. Gibson makes very tough guitars, too. I'd be lost without my Explorer!” —Solomon Olds

Gibson of Choice: 1984 Gibson Explorer

Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade are an emo band from Tallahassee, Florida. The band’s latest full-length, A Lesson in Romantics, came out on July 10 on Fearless Records.

"I have been playing this Gibson for four years and Epiphones for over six years. My Les Paul is the best guitar I have ever played. There is no such thing as rock ’n’ roll without a Gibson Les Paul. My idol is Jimmy Page and this is the guitar I remember him playing, so I wanted to play one." —Alex Garcia

Gibson of choice: 1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are a classic rock-influenced punk band from Birmingham, Alabama, fronted by former Underoath frontman Dallas Taylor. They are currently on the road with the Peanut Butt Tour alongside He Is Legend and Modern Life Is War.

“Some people think that newer guitars aren't made like they used to be, but that isn't true for Gibson. I've played tons of different guitars and when you're on the road, you need something that is very reliable—and I've definitely found that in Gibson's guitars.” —Josh Williams

Gibson of choice: 2006 Gibson Les Paul Special 

Meg & Dia
Meg & Dia are a five-piece indie rock band from Draper, Utah, fronted by sisters Meg and Dia Frampton. In 2006, they were the official MySpace Band on the Warped Tour and this year they are one of the biggest draws on the Hurley.com stage.

"I play a Gibson because I love the feel of a vintage neck and a beefy sound—and because Slash plays Gibson." —Carlo Gimenez

Gibson of choice: 2005 Gibson SG Standard

"I play a Gibson because of its thick and full sound. It brings a dependable and durable tone to the set. Without it the body of the music would be missing.
—Meg Frampton

Gibsons of choice: Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson ES-35 

Revolution Mother
Revolution Mother are a hard rock band from Long Beach, California with lots of facial hair. They are playing the first-ever skate ramp stage on the Vans Warped Tour. Earlier this year, they released their new album, Glory Bound.

“I play a Gibson Firebird because the guitar is reliable and I love the simple, straightforward design. Less is more, and more is what I need! Plus it looks badass!” —Jason Hampton

Gibson of choice: Gibson Firebird

So They Say
So The Say are an alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. The band’s sophomore full-length, Life in Surveillance, will be released on September 25 on Fearless Records.

"I have been playing my Gibson for over three years and have always loved it. These guitars are like tanks; they’re super strong they stand up to the test of constant touring and rowdy tours." —Nick Walters

Gibsons of Choice: Gibson Classic Custom, 1960 Gibson Classic Goldtop Reissue 

The Spill Canvas 
The Spill Canvas are an emo band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their upcoming full-length, No Really, I’m Fine, will feature guest appearances from Circa Survive’s Anthony Green, and Jack’s Mannequin’s Andrew McMahon.
"I have always played Gibsons and will always play Gibsons. They are simply perfect on so many different styles of music. Gibson guitars have followed me around my whole career and define me as a musician. I want to be buried with my Les Paul." —Dan Ludeman
Gibson of choice: 2003 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic

We Are The FuryWe are the Fury 
We Are The Fury are a glam/punk band from Toledo, Ohio. Reviews of their latest album, Venus, has likened them to everyone from David Bowie to Guns N’ Roses and they were named an Artist To Watch In 2007 by Rolling Stone.
“I recorded every song on Venus with my Gibson SG. It’s that perfect balance between bite and body, and it's pretty much the most rock ’n’ roll guitar alive. They embody the spirit of rock ’n’ roll from the day they went electric—and besides, Jimmy Page played Gibsons. What’s good enough for Led Zeppelin is good enough for all of us." —Chris Hatfield
Gibson of Choice: Gibson SG