It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Mighty Humbucker and Gibson wants to give you a pair—or two!

We’ve got a problem here at Gibson: We want to celebrate the anniversary of the extraordinary humbucker and we just can’t decide which Patent Applied For Gibson humbucker we like best—the sparkling ’57 Classic or the gritty Burstbucker. They’re both the most accurate recreation of our vintage Gibson humbuckers available, but each in its own way. Built to Gibson’s exclusive specs, the ’57 Classic replicates the exact patent of the original Gibson humbuckers, and features punchy low-end and round mids, with a distinctive sparkle on the high-end. The Burstbuckers, on the other hand, are Gibson’s painstaking recreation of how those specs were actually built in the late ’50s on Gibson’s Kalamazoo, Michigan shop floor—beautifully replicating Gibson’s traditional hand-wound process. Less precise in the windings than the ’57 Classics, the Burstbuckers pack a gritty, vintage wallop—a touch darker, and a little less hi-fi.