David Gilmour fans will have a one-night-only chance to see a theatrical screening of the guitarist’s new concert film, Live at Pompeii. Culled from two performances staged in July 2016, the movie documents Gilmour’s return to the Pompeii Amphitheatre, the ancient Roman site where Pink Floyd famously recorded their own Live at Pompeii film in 1971. The new movie, shot in 4K, features material that spans Gilmour’s entire career, including classic Pink Floyd tracks and solo cuts.

Speaking with Rolling Stone last year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer said he remains awestruck by the majesty of the site. “It's a magical place,” he said. “We came back here about 10 years ago, with our kids, to show them around the arena. And they were rocking around in there. But coming back [recently] and seeing the stage and everything, it was quite overwhelming really. It's a place of ghosts … in a friendly way.”

Live in Pompeii is slated to be presented in more than 2,000 theaters worldwide on September 13.

David Gilmour