When I started CultureCatch.com back in July 2005 I wanted it to resonate with people all over the globe. After all, it is called the World Wide Web. But it had to have the slight edge Creem Magazine had, back in the day. In fact, I was one of the last editors-in-chief of that sacred music magazine. I wanted to share smart culture with folks who were tired of the dumbing down of our culture. I wanted to pick artists who resonated with folks, regardless of how big or small they may or may not be perceived.

Kinda like a Gibson guitar. You can buy a guitar for $300 that sounds as amazing as one that might cost five times that price. It's really all about the story. And every artist has more than a few. And every guitar has more than a few ready to be written.

So in that way, Culture Catch and Gibson are a dynamic duo. When we targeted smart companies for our smart culture it wasn't difficult to imagine forging a symbiotic relationship with this Nashville-based company beyond the traditional ad/sponsorship play. We felt it was important that we and the artists we were going to interview appreciate that relationship, even though they might not be endorsed by this grand company. Besides many of the artists whom we target know, love, and use Gibson guitars anyways.

I hope you enjoy these video webcasts/podcasts as much as I do. It was sure fun to interview them and capture these private performances. You can download them to your iPhone, watch them on your desktop, or enjoy them on your flatscreen.

1. Les Paul http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/les_paul

It's not coincidence that we had to interview the man responsible for one of the greatest guitars ever built. Of course, his playing and his success certainly enhanced our decision. Plus he still plays every Monday night at Iridium Jazz Club in NYC. All Hail Les Paul!  Ninety-three years young and still kicking ass!

2. Michael Franti of Spearhead http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/spearhead

Few artists ooze Michael's genuine integrity for life, politics, and music. This interview was conducted back in September 2005, but still resonates today. Also he agreed to allowing us to record a live performance of what he considers one of his favorite songs at a private show in club in Chelsea, NYC.

3. Mark Eitzel & American Music Club http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/amc

American Music Club continues to dazzle fans and critics today. I had the good fortune of interviewing Mark in NYC for a lengthy audio podcast earlier in the day and then later that night he let us tape part of his concert at Warsaw in Brooklyn. This performance finds him as a lean and mean trio. Check out his Gibson!

4. Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/mark_kozelek

Mark Kozelek is one of my favorite artists. Period. He's a self-taught musician who has developed a sound that resonates with so many people — from his early days in Red House Painters, to his amazing solo effort of AC/DC covers, to his latest outfit Sun Kil Moon. We captured him in the stairwell of our hotel in SOMA in San Francisco during Macworld two years ago. A truly magical moment. Dig the natural reverb.

5. Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/glenn-tilbrook-squeeze

From Squeeze to his new band Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers, Mr. Tilbrook is a superb talent and his alt pop-rock songs stand the test of time. Don't believe me? Check out his acoustic rendition of his Squeeze hit "Tempted" recorded backstage at the majestic Radio City Music Hall in NYC and then email me!

6. Josh Kelly http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/josh_kelley

Many of his female fans were crushed when he married actress Katherine Heigl. And many dudes were bummed that he won her heart. But I suspect his heartfelt music might have helped close the deal. We caught up with him one day at a photo shoot and he ducked away to talk and play some of music for us on his vintage Gibson.

7. Andy Summers of The Police http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/andy_summers

The publicist swore that he wouldn't play on camera for me. Well, when I asked him to pick up the brand new Gibson acoustic sitting between us, his fingers couldn't resist the urge to share some Carlos Jobim and other jazzed out music. Unless you've listened to his solo records, you'd know he's far more gifted and dynamic player than just his stint in The Police. Not that there's anything wrong with that! He's a riff monster.

8. Matt Costa http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/matt_costa

When Jack Johnson took young Matt under his wing, he knew it wouldn't take long for others to feel his majesty. Completely charming and sincere, this interview and performance was captured at the Gibson Showrooms in NYC, once the old Hit Factory recording studios.

9. Duncan Sheik http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/duncan_sheik

I had the good fortune of interviewing this NYC-based singer/songwriter about four months before he won all those Tony awards for his extraordinary Broadway hit Spring Awakening. We were like two kids in a candy store as we tried to decide what one guitar he should play for us. Moreover, we continued our exploration long after the interview and performance ended.

10. Alexi Murdoch http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/alexi_murdoch

Scottish bard Alexi is very well read and very down to earth chap. While his breakthrough in the biz occurred when he was on sabbatical in Los Angeles, his music conjures up the vibe of his mother country. Introspective and passionate songs that resonate with you long after the last note has been plucked. His Gibson sounded full and rich in this small, cool underground studio in Tribeca that we had to share it people everywhere.

11. Bob Weir/Ratdog http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/bob_weir

Few have weathered the trials and tribulations of the music biz so graciously as Mr. Bob Weir. Many consider him the godfather of jambands. I say that RatDog is the best touring band in the world today. Check out this live footage and you'll see why. His 1971 Gibson 335 is one of his most cherished guitars. Look for our new netcast/webcast series with RatDog to be launched in the next few months. It'll have you drooling for more!

12. Suzy Bogguss http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/suzy_bogguss

Country/roots-rock star has one of the sweetest, purest voices you'll ever hear. She can sing the phone book and make you believe. And few Nashville artists can transition so effortlessly between styles like Ms. Bogguss. I didn't have to push her too hard to sing one of my favorite Little Feat songs either. This interview/performance was recorded at the Gibson Showrooms in NYC.

13. Vanessa Carlton http://www.culturecatch.com/vidcast/vanessa-carlton

When we decided to launch our new HD webcast series we had to find an artist who could completely melt the hearts of everyone we would invite to our very private VIP Salon event. Ms. Carlton is a classically trained pianist and her years of practice really shine on the Baldwin baby grand piano. Even if you think you know her music, or even if you don't, you've never heard it like this. Be prepared to become a fan for life!

If you need to reach me, try dusty@culturecatch.com