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Andy Bell has been at the epicenter of British rock music since the late 1980s, when his band Ride were at the forefront of the shoegaze scene. From there, he did time with Britpoppers Hurricane #1 and Gay Dad before landing on the mothership of British rock with Oasis. With Noel Gallagher and company, Bell set down the guitar for the first time and quickly learned the bass. In the aftermath of Oasis’ 2009 breakup, Bell remained with bandmates Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock to form a new group, Beady Eye. The band released their first album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, in February to positive reviews, only bolstered by the group’s subsequent live performances.

Bell sat down at the Gibson NYC Showroom to talk about Beady Eye, his beloved Trini Lopez and the amazing run of drummers in his career.