Thinking about getting a divorce? Even though the country’s top divorce lawyers say there’s a nationwide drop in divorces due to the economic downturn, there’s still quite a large number of affected couples, including the likes of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, MLB player Alex Rodriguez, Dixie Chick Emily Robison, Phil Collins, Danny Bonaduce, etc.

No worries here, though. We’ve put together the ultimate playlist to get you through the mudslinging, late night boozing and sobbing over losing your favorite lamp.

What the heck … we’re always trying to help!

Beck "Lost Cause"

What made rock's biggest party starter turn out an album full of weepy ballads? Oh, nothing except the end of his nine year relationship with fiancée Leigh Limon. "I'm tired of fighting/ Fighting for a lost cause." And he was.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals "Now That You're Gone"

Having been through his fair share of Hollywood's A-list, Ryan Adams knows a thing or two about having his heart broken. Heck, he made a whole album about it. But this Cold Roses track with band the Cardinals takes the breakup cake, which is not nearly as good as the molten dark chocolate cake. "I don't dare touch anything because it's evidence of us."

Bob Dylan "Tangled Up In Blue"

With the disintegration of his marriage to Sara Lowndes, Bob Dylan delivered the ultimate divorce album, Blood On The Tracks, with this particular track as its centerpiece. "We always did feel the same/We just saw it from a different point of view."

The Stone Roses "I Am The Resurrection"

Get past the gently chiming guitars and this Manchester band delivers an unexpectedly venomous kiss-off to the girl that did one or more of them wrong. "Your face, it has no place/No room for you inside my house, I need to be alone."

Elvis Costello "I Hope You're Happy Now"

Even before he opens his mouth, the menacing opening chords of this song spell it out. Elvis is bitter. Elvis is jealous. Elvis hopes you're happy now, but not really. "I knew then what I know now I never loved you anyhow."

Liz Phair "Divorce Song"

Stung so hard by her failing relationship, Liz Phair unleashes this deceptively sweet power pop tune with the kicker, "The license said you had to stick around until I was dead/But if you're tired of looking at my face, I guess I already am." Ouch!

Bruce Springsteen "Tunnel of Love"

Just like politicians mistook "Born in the U.S.A." as an alternative national anthem, people often assume this is a sentimental love song about stealing kisses at the fairground. Think again, and listen carefully. "Man meets woman and they fall in love," Bruuuuce growls. "But the house is haunted and the ride gets rough."

Fleetwood Mac "Go Your Own Way"

This admittedly dysfunctional band's two romantic couples didn't hold anything back on this notorious Lindsey Buckingham-penned track from Rumors. "If I could/Maybe I'd give you my world," he sang. "How can I/When you won’t take it from me." Touché!

John Lennon "Jealous Guy"

In a rare instance where the song actually saved the marriage, Lennon basically spilled his guts to Yoko after alternately fooling around behind her back, and accusing her of the same. Its presence on breakup mix-tapes has been assured since 1971.

Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Three-minutes that inspired thousands of amorously challenged songwriters, the simple grace and blue mood of this Ian Curtis song about his own unraveling relationship remains unmatched. "Why is the bedroom so cold/Turned away on your side" How could anyone possibly pose that particular question any better?