Who’s ready for a new slate of rock and metal tunes for 2016? I’m sure gearing up for a year filled with killer new music. From Davie Bowie to Tool (pretty please?) to Wolfmother, here are 10 albums (fingers-crossed) to anticipate this year.

Megadeth, Dystopia


The metal men of Megadeth are back with a new album, and it promises to be just as thrashy and epic as classic Megadeth fare. The new concoction, the 11-track Dystopia, will arrive on Jan. 22. Dave Mustaine and company will flex their metal muscles on the road this spring to promote the release with a North American trek that runs from February through March.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, TBA

While the Red Hot Chili Peppers haven’t announced a title or release date for their upcoming album, we know it’s coming soon. Singer Anthony Kiedis told Rolling Stone in October, “We’re just dying to play the new songs — but we can’t, because every single human has a recording device on them at all times.” The first single from the album is rumored to drop in February. This upcoming release will mark the band’s second album with new guitarist Josh Adam Klinghoffer.

David Bowie, Blackstar

David Bowie

David Bowie’s upcoming, 25th studio album is one of the biggest releases on the radar for early 2016. The set, Blackstar, offers just seven tracks from the pop-rock icon, but a hearty 40 minutes running time. The title track is epic, serving up 10 minutes of dramatic, complex, erie-sounding aesthetics with a touch of jazz.

Wolfmother, Victorious


Australia’s Wolfmother are a classic rock band for the new generation. The three piece’s sound recalls gritty, swaggering ‘70s metal, with fiery tracks propelled by heavy riffs and churning rhythms. The band’s new album, Victorious, drops on Feb. 19. The thing about Wolfmother is that their recordings imply they’re killer live, so let’s hope the new release captures their live essence.

Deftones, TBA

Deftones toured North America with Incubus last year, but they worked in enough time to crank out new music. Frontman Chino Moreno told BBC Radio 1’s "Rock Show" with Daniel P. Carter in November that the guys were finished mixing the new tunes. He added, “So now it's just time to sequence the songs and master them, and we should be done… (The) album title (is) close, but not all the way there yet, and song titles, as well. But that's usually the stuff that's sort of the last stuff to come together. But, I mean, as far as the music, it's done. It's sounding good, and we're excited about it.”

Panic! at the Disco, Death of a Bachelor

Las Vegas emo rockers Panic! at the Disco are back with a set of theatrical, catchy, quirky tunes that have a surprising influence. “It's like some Beyoncé beats with some Sinatra vocals,” lead vocalist Brendon Urie described in a release. “It's really crazy... (Sinatra’s) music has been a major player in the soundtrack of my life. So it's only right that I return the favor and/or pay it forward.” The set, cleverly titled Death of a Bachelor, is out Jan. 15.

Tool, TBA

Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but it would be killer for Tool to release their new album this year. That’s my wish for new music in 2016. The band’s last album, 10,000 Days, dropped in back in May of 2006. Guitarist Adam Jones told Rolling Stone in November that the new album is coming along swimmingly. “I’ll tell you, it’s wonderful,” Jones said. “Things are really flowing and going really well, and I’m just blown away at the stuff that’s coming together. I’m excited and can’t wait for it to be done.” Yes!

The 1975, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

The 1975

Manchester alternative rock quartet The 1975 win the award for longest and most awhh-inducing album title of the year. The band’s new release, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, will reach the usual outlets on Feb. 26. The gents will bring the new songs to North America this spring with a tour that runs through most of April and May.

Metallica, TBA

Metallica haven’t release a new studio album since 2008’s Death Magnetic, so new tunes are well overdue, wouldn’t you say? For years now, the metallers have been confirming that a new album, indeed, is in the works, but they are far from nailing down a release date. The guys did release a 12-second snippet of new music on their website late last year, so it’s coming. Hopefully in 2016.

Violent Femmes, We Can Do Anything

Violent Femmes

Alternative rockers Violent Femmes declare We Can Do Anything on their upcoming LP, out March 4. The 10-track set marks the alternative rockers’ first full-length release since 2000’s Freak Magnet, although they did release a four-song EP last year called Happy New Year. The band recorded the new tunes in different cities – from Los Angeles to Denver to Nashville – while on the road last year. Sounds Foo Fighters-esque, right?