The year 2016 was filled with ups-and-downs in the music world, but on the up side of things, it also meant new tracks from Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails and many others. So, what about 2017? From U2 to Five Finger Death Punch, we’re nailing down 10 hotly anticipated albums of 2017. Bring it on!

U2, Songs of Experience

U2 have finally announced the release of their much-anticipated Songs of Experience album for 2017. There was chatter of this album dropping years ago, but instead, Bono and the guys unleashed Songs of Innocence. Now, U2 have dropped the news 2017 will not only bring Songs of Experience but also a full-fledged tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking The Joshua Tree album.

Tool, TBA

Will 2017 finally be the year the guys of Tool give fans what they’re been waiting for since 2016: the follow-up to 10,000 Days? Time will tell. Of course, another one of Maynard James Keenan’s beloved bands, A Perfect Circle, is gearing up for a big 2017 that includes tour dates and, possibly, new music. So, whether it’s with Tool or A Perfect Circle, it looks like we’ll get some sort of new Keenan tracks in 2017. 

Stone Sour, TBA

Corey Taylor is looking to release a new book in 2017, and it’s also time for a new album from his band, Stone Sour. The last time the guys released original songs was in 2013 with their double album, House of Gold and Bones – Part 1 and 2. They unleashed covers EPs in 2015 to hold fans over, but now, it’s time to get back into the studio and crank out a new set of Stone Sour tunes. 

System of a Down, TBA

A lengthy 12 years have passed since System of a Down released a new album, but 2017 is going to change that. According to a recent interview in Kerrang! with drummer John Dolmayan, the band is currently working on its new album. Dolmayan added, “…We're not trying to make 'Toxicity' Part II, just because it was by far our biggest album. This needs to be something for a new generation of SOAD fans, so everyone can see we're not resting on our laurels.”

Judas Priest, TBA

Judas Priest released Redeemer of Souls back in 2014, and they’re been touring hard ever since. Now, Rob Halford and the crew are taking some time off the road, and hopefully that means they’re gearing up to release a new album in 2017. While you’re waiting, the band will reissue their Turbo album on Feb. 3, in honor of the record’s 30th anniversary, with remastered sound, new artwork and more goodies.

AFI, AFI (The Blood Album) out Jan. 20


Here’s a 2017 album you don’t have to wait months to get your ears on. AFI’s upcoming self-titled album, also referred to as The Blood Album, is due out Jan. 20. Judging by the sound of the album's singles “White Offerings” and “Snow Cats,” the longstanding hardcore punk rockers are channeling their anthemic, Sing the Sorrow days on the new set. 

Five Finger Death Punch, TBA

Jason Hook

It’s official: Five Finger Death Punch’s new album is in the can. Look for it to drop later this year. The band’s Gibson-playing guitarist Jason Hook recently posted a message on Instagram stating, “Our new record is finished! Listening to the mixes on my way thru @starbucks at 7:39am this morning! Hello 2017 here we come!”

Joe Perry, TBA

Joe Perry is a busy guy. Between work with Hollywood Vampires and talk of a final tour for Aerosmith, Perry has also continued to work on an upcoming solo album. A few rumored guests on the album include Iggy Pop, Terry Reid and David Johansen. Cross your fingers and hope for a 2017 release for this Perry opus.

Ozzy Osbourne, TBA

With Black Sabbath calling it quits, Ozzy Osbroune has expressed a commitment to releasing new solo music in 2017. If he does, it will mark Ozzy’s solo follow-up to 2010’s Scream. Ozzy’s solo work has always been solid, and very guitar-heavy, so we're banking on this to happen.

Paul McCartney, TBA

Last year, Paul McCartney told Rolling Stone he was “looking at some lyric ideas” for a new solo album, which would mark his follow-up to 2013’s New. He didn’t mention any timeline for the new album coming out, but at that time, he was doing live shows and, apparently, writing new music. “I can write all over the place,” he told the publication. “I’ve got a lot of ideas on the go.”

Jason Hook photo by Anne Erickson