Have a look at visual artist Alex Echo and his creation of the “Rhubarb Red” Les Paul tribute sculpture for the London GuitarTown.

Explaining his inspiration and train of thought behind the 10-foot sculpture, Echo says, “How do you do a dedication to a guy who created the workhouse of modern music? Modern jazz, modern rock, modern hip-hop—all genres use his invention: the Les Paul solidbody electric guitar. So, after doing this homework, I realized that what I was doing was—I would have to pay tribute to Les Paul by paying tribute to his contribution. His contribution to Slash, to Eric Clapton, to Keith Richards, to everyone along the line who’s used the Les Paul, who’s used this guitar to make these sounds that people dance to, make love to, get drunk to, have fun to, crash their cars to. What do you do? You pay tribute to pop culture.”

Check it out: 

Part 1
Part 2

For more information on artist Alex Echo, visit http://alexechoarts.com/.