WHO: Rebecca Voss

WHAT: A very happy Rebecca Voss, one of the lucky “First Prize” Winners of Starbucks National Promotion, photographed with her signed Epiphone Paul McCartney Texan Guitar.  

Paul McCartney signed and painted (4) exclusive Epiphone Paul McCartney Texan Guitars awarded as grand prizes for Starbucks nationwide promotion for the launch of McCartney's Memory Almost  Full CD release on the Hear Music label.

Epiphone and Starbucks partnered on a first-ever promotion offering fans the chance to win a Grand Prize, a priceless one-of-a-kind hand painted McCartney guitar, or one of three autographed Epiphone Texan guitars.

QUOTE from Winner: “I couldn't be more excited to own this guitar with Paul's signature.... I am a lifelong fan and this means so much to me.  Thank you so much, and thanks to Starbucks and Epiphone Guitars!!”

WHEN: November 2007

WHERE: Winner is from Minneapolis, Minnesota