Gibson Q&A: Don Tetto

Colombia’s Don Tetto are one of the most promising South American acts today. In their homeland, the band landed a #1 hit in Radioactiva (Colombia’s #1 rock-based station) for 15 consecutive weeks while their debut release, Lo Que No Sabias, climbed to #1 in Tower Records’ top sellers. The album’s first video, “Ha Vuelto A Suceder,” reached #1 in MTV Centro. recently caught up with guitarists Diego Pulecio and Carlos Leongomez.

Don Tetto

Which guitarists have inspired you?
Tom DeLonge and Billie Joe Armstrong were our initial influences; they taught us that you don’t need to be a virtuoso to actually feel the music. Other great players that left a mark on us are Joe Perry, Slash, John Mayer and James Hetfield.

We know you own a Les Paul DF and Xplorer Robot. What’s your opinion regarding Gibson’s Robot technology?
Tuning live is now easier! The best thing about Robot models is that they maintain the quality of a traditional Gibson guitar, with added amazing features. In our newest album, we used the Xplorer for warmer tones and to record lead guitars and solos. And the Dark Fire… there isn’t much we can add – it has it all!! Great looks, amazing tuning capabilities and a versatile tone palette; it is like having 10 guitars in one! The Dark Fire was key to defining the band’s sound.

How do you see the future of Latin music?
Latin music is evolving. New artists are taking more risks, thinking out of the box and avoiding commercial formulas. Don Tetto embrace this approach – in fact, everyone should!

What’s your opinion regarding social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter?
In our case, they have proved to be a very powerful tool to stay close to our fans and interact on a regular basis.

What’s your piece of advice for the kids out there wishing to be the next Don Tetto?
Believe in yourself, play music with your heart and always be true to yourself and to your audience. The rest can be learned.

Don Tetto