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Montana Goes to Tennessee

Feb. 28 brought Gibson Acoustic Day at Sam Ash on the north side of Nashville, Tenn. Don Ruffatto, from the Gibson Acoustic factory in Bozeman, Mont., and product specialist Ken McMahan both attended to help increase Gibson Montana’s profile and visibility at Sam Ash. The promotion was the suggestion of their acoustic specialist Kevin Anderson. He is a big supporter of Montana!

In the ultimate of ironies, severe weather was predicted that day to welcome Don to Nashville. Luckily the weather held out and the coast was clear for a good turnout!

Ken took charge the string change clinic, which also featured a Gibson Acoustic denim jacket giveaway, as we talked with customers about today’s Gibsons as well as our historic models. We saw a few great Gibson acoustics in the mix of guitars needing a restringing including a Dwight Yoakum Honky Tonk Deuce. Kevin sold a Songwriter Deluxe at the event as well as several Epiphone acoustics.

During the course of the day we were treated to a visit by John Bohlinger and his wife Megan Mullins who are both Gibson artists. John is primarily a guitarist best known as band leader from the Nashville Star television show and sideman to the stars. John has been a friend of ours for years so it was really a treat to have him drop by the event. He is also is from the state of Montana where his father was elected lieutenant governor in 2004. Megan Mullins is a recording artist in her own right as well as appearing as a featured instrumentalist on GAC’s Next GAC Star, PBS’s The Outlaw Trail and The Grand Ole Opry. They gathered in the acoustic room for an impromptu performance (see photo below). Also visiting the event was Kevin Haynie, guitarist for country artist Josh Turner.

Over 200 consumers registered for a Gibson Acoustic denim jacket giveaway. General manager Clay Rigdon presented the prize to the winner at a later date.

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