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Another Songwriter Deluxe Has Left the Building

My last visit at Dietze Music in Omaha had an interesting Montana acoustic encounter. As I was changing strings two guys walked in, obviously white collar businessmen, entry level players, wanting to hammer away on some acoustics.

They tried out several guitars and kept going back to a mid priced, roughly $1400.00 guitar. I engaged the two professionals from the medical industry, introduced myself and I started asking them what they liked about the chosen guitar. They chimed in that the price was right and the feel (IE) playability was comfortable. I proceeded to explain to them that the builder in question does build a fine guitar and went into their construction and building process.

I then pulled a Songwriter Deluxe cutaway off the wall and asked them if they would try it out. We compared the two side by side in a taste test of tonal characteristics, comfort and playability. As the two were strumming away I was explaining how we cut the wood and the process that goes with our construction appointments. I talked about the human touch and passion that goes into our guitars. I went through my typical sales pitch and explained all the characteristics of the building process.

Obviously money was no concern and long story short. They thanked me for taking the time to explain the tonal qualities and characteristics of wood and what all goes into building a world class guitar.

They said hands down without a doubt that the Songwriter Deluxe better of the two. They also noticed that the harder they played the Gibson the louder it got, as opposed to the other guitar, which the harder they strummed it the less articulate it was.

 I thanked them for their patronage and another Songwriter Deluxe has left the building …

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