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A Look Back at Musikmesse 2009

A positive Montana experience that I was recently involved in occurred during the last day of Musikmesse 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany, where I was charged with supporting all divisions by demoing and performing on various instruments at the show. One certain highlight happened on that Saturday when Vincent Martinez (Gibson Guest Artist) and I ended up in a spontaneous acoustic “Back-Porch Blues” style romp that seemed to delight the 300 or so present. 
The pictures here include those who were in attendance for this demo. Shortly after the demo we gave away a Reverse V and an Epiphone JJ French Model. Folks here had the pleasure of learning about the classic Montana tones from the Sheryl Crow Model, as well as the Hummingbird prior to the giveaway. 
During the entire Messe event, I fielded many vendor/consumer questions and had positive interactions with attendees from all over Europe, including Chris Adams, who brought his Prototype Robot J-165, along with a Prototype Robot EJ-160E. I look forward to supporting these dynamic instruments.
Of note: just two days after Messe, First Lady Michelle Obama, who was accompanying President Obama to the recent NATO summit in Strasbourg, offered French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy a Hummingbird. (Read the whole story here!) Needless to say such a high-profile gesture could impact future Hummingbird sales in France.

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