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One-of-a-Kind Gibson Acoustics

You never know what kind of interesting guitars you might run into at a Gibson authorized dealer, and Music Gallery in Highland Park, Ill., just north of Chicago is no exception. On my first visit to Frank’s shop (Music Gallery’s owner) I was treated to one of the most interesting Gibson acoustics I have ever seen.

For example, a Vintage Sunburst Super Jumbo with the history of Gibson guitars depicted throughout the guitar. It has a virtual timeline inlayed into the fretboard from mandolins and banjos to Les Pauls and Flying Vs. Not only was it stunning to look at, but it sounded just as good. This is one of the unique museum pieces that the master luthiers in Bozeman Montana are now creating.

The Master Museum program was started in 1998.

Enjoy this video about the making of Gibson's Master Museum Acoustics:

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