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Springfield Music (Springfield, MO) - Saturday, July 11

Springfield, Missouri has a musical history as rich as the Ozark Mountains that surround it. On Saturday, July 11th, more than 100 customers braved the rain and showed up at 8am for the closed door portion of Springfield Music’s big summer sale. They allowed their best customers access to special pricing before the general public arrived!

Gibson Product Specialist Ken McMahan was there to lend a hand with the customers as well as talk with people who saw the “Meet Your DPS” (Dealer Product Specialist) poster and came to show off their vintage Gibsons. Don Crawford and the Gibson tour bus was a great attraction and generated loads of excitement with those in attendance.

At one point during the day, Ken walked over and saw their drum department manager Chris Ewing talking to a gentleman who was having trouble deciding between the Gibson Blues King, a small body Martin and a small body Taylor. Chris is a good salesman and used to manage their sister store in Joplin so a sale was going to be made. The customer was asking about this and that and just needed something extra to help him decide. When he handed the Gibson to Ken, he played some Robert Johnson style blues. The gentleman just smiled and said "That one plays better; it’s the one for me."

Everyone, including Springfield Music’s excellent staff, enjoyed a busy and successful day!

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