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Wrapping up things stateside.

Well, that sort of caught me by surprise … in my world, going away for a week with a week’s notice is like turning around a supertanker on a dime because I’m always dealing with my Editor-in-Chief role at Harmony Central, being Executive Editor at EQ, and handling deadlines for magazines – made all the more difficult because EQ’s editor had just left to take a dream-come-true job outside the music industry (good luck, Matt, you’ll be missed!).

But at this point, I was getting more than intrigued. I was fascinated (and getting educated) by the process. I also understood that I was being counted on to help make the software bundle as “guitarist-friendly” as possible. And I liked the idea of visiting NI, Ableton, and Tronical, having never been to their companies. I also appreciated the fact that what Gibson really wanted from me was not to act as a traditional consultant, but instead, as a guitar player being given an option to have input into a guitar that was truly turning the corner from “electric” to “electronic.” They encouraged me to speak my mind, be objective, and call it like I see it – even for this blog, they didn’t want to exercise any editorial control. How cool is that?

Fortunately, I was already ahead on my deadlines for EQ, Keyboard, and Sound on Sound; and ever-mindful of Harmony Central, I received permission to bring my video camera and do some interviews, factory tours, and the like – in other words, something that could benefit the Harmony Central community too.

But then it turned into a triple-purpose trip – “Hey Craig, can you do a blog of what it’s like being on the inside of this project?” Uh … well … sure, okay. I got nothing else to do anyway (!) … and I could get some great material for the blog while in Germany. Hey, maybe if I get my work done on time I can go clubbing some night and report on that – I hear Berlin is the current techno hotbed in Europe, and that’s my kind of music. It might give me some great ideas for presets, too …

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