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The plot thickens.

One of the goals for Dark Fire was to increase the possible tones compared to a standard guitar, but without going the modeling route. This is a very “analog” guitar, even the individual outputs occur through analog multiplexing rather than some kind of digital conversion process.

The Chameleon Tone Technology consists of two four-band EQ chips within the guitar, which have presets for particular guitar sounds, but in theory users will be able to program their own sounds as well. I’m very aware of the power of good EQ to change guitar sounds; when I was doing session work with one guitar and the producer wanted the sound of a different guitar, I could often get the desired sound simply by choosing the right pickup combinations and EQ. Although I had yet to work with the Chameleon technology, the reports coming in from the developers were encouraging in terms of being able to nail iconic tones. But of course, what really interested me was being able to create my own.

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