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Ableton Live signs on and things get busy.

Henry sent out an email soliciting opinions for a recording application to bundle with Dark Fire. My first thought was that it needed to be cross-platform, which ruled out options like Sonar, Digital Performer, etc. Pro Tools LE was out because it needed its own hardware.

I came up with three main recommendations, and after some back-and-forth discussion, it was decided that a Gibson-specific version of Ableton Live would be a good fit – partly because it’s a great program, but also, partly because it seemed to have the same kind of “paradigm-breaking” vibe as Dark Fire. Having worked with Live since its introduction, I introduced Gibson to Ableton, and the next thing I knew, there was an email saying a deal had been struck to include a custom version of Live with Dark Fire.

This was really getting interesting.

And at this point, I felt like a skateboarder who had grabbed on to the back of a Lamborghini to get a ride, because the pace picked up dramatically: What did I think of the features in the custom version? What about creating templates that would be Dark Fire-ready, both with and without Guitar Rig? What about producing some content for the custom version? How about Quick Starts for the interface, Guitar Rig, and Live? Could I confirm interface installation on XP, Vista, and Mac? Would I look over a press release from a magazine editor’s standpoint?

Oh yes, and could I go to Germany next week for seven days to finalize the software bundle with Ableton and Native Instruments? And see Tronical while I’m there?

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