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Finishing Touches on the Albums!

Over the last several months, whenever I’ve had some free time, I’ve been working on two very personal album projects. One is my new album, entitled ‘All Tricked Out”, and my daughter Lexie Roth’s new album, which as of yet has no name, but most likely will simply be called “Lexie Roth.” It’s been quite a fun ride doing these two projects, and since Lex had done her first album, One Long Blink, back 6 years ago, very much still under my tutelage and guidance, she decided this time to go at it more independently, making the tracks with her own choice of players, in our house, and then doing the overdubs later in a more professional studio, with me helping her out. I added a little sweetening guitar, and some other very subtle touches, but this album, consisting of all her own songs, is truly independent and personal in nature for her. It’s a wonderful testament to how much she has grown as a writer and singer over these last few years, and it speaks very strongly for her. She already has one song from it called “Call You My Hon” that is featured in a new independent film starring Karen Black, entitled Maria, my Love. That should really help get some additional interest in her album, plus the fact that she sings “Via Con Dios” on the Les Paul Tribute album we did this year!

I feel that all the final touches are done on my album as well, and one thing I noticed in the process is how we can get so “married” to the early mixes of album tracks that we actually start to “live” with things and subtleties we simply choose to ignore, or think we can’t do anything about! It’s really a funny phenomenon, for as I can recall with many of my previous projects, I can now hear so many things I chose to live with and accept, when they could’ve easily been improved. This time, I was far more cogent of noticing those very things that in a subtle way, I chose to ignore, even though subliminally they were eating away at me. Finally, when you’re in the last stages of really looking at the album “under the microscope” these things finally hit you, and you realize you’ve been far too willing to compromise and to accept a lesser level of performance! It’s quite a revelation when this does happen, and I must admit its very “freeing” to know you can do so much these “digital days” to improve a recording with very little effort. Not that I overly rely on technology for my sound, but let’s face it, the recording and mixing process is so streamlined compared to the old days it’s not even comparable!

So hopefully in the coming months I can give you some audible “tidbits” of these new albums we are so proud of, and I’d love to get the reactions of you, my fans and friends!

Posted: 11/17/2011 3:29:17 PM with Comments | Add Comment | Email Link | Permalink
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