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Doing TV Interviews

Lately, due to my new album coming out soon, and the need for publicity, etc., I’ve been doing a fair amount of radio as well as TV interviews. Yesterday I did a very local, but still very professionally produced interview for a local TV station, and it was a lot of fun for sure!  The interviewer was a real pleasure to deal with, and she kept me nice and relaxed. And this is very important, because even those of us who are very seasoned pros at things like this still get a fair share of jitters once that tape starts rolling, and it’s our time to talk! The main thing for me was to stay focused, and to concentrate on what I really wanted to say, as opposed to going off on too many tangents. Tangents are okay, but these pieces often get edited down anyway to the bare bones of what they want from you, so I was much better off keeping it straightforward.

TV can be a tricky and high-pressured medium to work in and I remember when I was doing shows like Saturday Night Live, The Dick Cavett Show and more, it was always extremely pressure-packed. When I did The Conan O’Brien show back in ’94 with Danny Gatton,  I do certainly remember being a bit nervous, but I recall the overall vibe on the “set” as far more relaxed that I had experienced before. Some of the people in that industry can have a real “attitude” when it comes to how they treat you, and you always have to be on guard for them to immediately turn off the “charm” once the tape is no longer rolling. I’ve gotten that vibe even from relative novices who suddenly act like they’re everything, and who totally ignore me, and then I realize that I have most likely been in show business about 30 years longer than them!!!

That’s why it’s refreshing to meet a true group of professionals like I did the other day, and ones who seemed genuinely interested in my music and what I had to say. I don’t care how many times you’ve been around the block, real sincerity cannot be topped, and always helps the situation. In this case, it made all the difference when it came to the 20 minutes I was supposed to “shine” in!

So if you ever get the opportunity to do some TV work for promoting your music or whatever, make sure to stay cool, focused, and most of all, keep it real. This will help you rise above any of the negativity anyone else on the project may be putting “out there” and will keep you doing what you need to do!

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