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Doing the Iridium Tonight!

It’s an exciting night, as Johnny A., Gene Cornish, Jimmy Vivino and myself will all be playing at the Iridium in NYC tonight! Who knows what to expect, as it always is when you get these kinds of players together, but for sure, it will present some pretty interesting, as well as challenging musical moments!

For sure, there’ll be lots of jamming and good times, and for me it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience, even though I’m jammed onstage with countless other luminaries, this one should really prove to be a unique event! (By the way, just got off the phone with Johnny A., and he says to say “Hi!”)
The Iridium has really proven to be a Mecca for guitarists everywhere since Les Paul set up shop there some 20-plus years ago, to do his regular Monday night appearances. It became a worldwide phenomenum, and guitar fans from around the globe would stop by to always pay homage to the man himself, and to pay tribute to the guitar!

Well, tonight will certainly be no exception, as we all try to continue the tradition. All this at the same time we are making a Les Paul Tribute album w/documentary, of which my daughter Lexie sang on, as well as me playing Mr. Sandman! Johnny A. is always fun for me to play with, as is Jimmy Vivino, who I go way back with, and Gene Cornish, as a member of the Rascals, and my friend, is always a pleasure to play with!

My daughter, Lexie, may also come by and sing a couple of songs, since she and I appeared there with the Les Paul Trio a month ago, and it should sound fantastic! I’ll be keeping you all up to date on this musical experience for sure, so look forward to future Blog entries about this! Wish me luck!

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