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Playing with the Les Paul Trio!

Well, Monday night was quite an exciting night for me and my daughter, Lexie Roth, as we had the chance to do a wonderful evening of “sitting in” with the Les Paul Trio at the famed Iridium Club in New York City. There’s nothing like true musical excellence to really make for a special get-together, and this was wonderful. Of course, it was the natural outgrowth of both of us having played and sung on the new Les Paul Tribute album we are doing with the great Lou Pallo, who played alongside his buddy Les Paul for some 26 years! On the album, Lexie gets to sing the great Les Paul and Mary Ford hit, “Via Con Dios”, which I also play on, and I also got to record an instrumental of “Mr. Sandman.” We performed these two tunes Monday night, as well as playing about 6 or 7 more tunes with the trio.

What was interesting, and in the long run, creatively stimulating, was the fact that there was no drummer! I hadn’t planned on this, and so the approach I had to take, as well as Lexie, was totally new. After some minor adjusting and quick rehearsing, we were able to throw the material together, and take a much quieter approach to these songs, with a much more intimate feel. After all, this is also how that club felt, and boy, we sure could feel the presence of Les Paul himself caressing our every move!

It’s the first time in man, many years I’ve done two sets, and the first as usual, was marked by a full house of cheering fans, while the second was a very intimate gathering to say the least, even with the arch-typical one or two drunks who just couldn’t stay quiet! Still it was an incredible experience, and once again shows how good musicians must learn to be adaptive to whatever situation might get thrown at them, and how in the end, a new approach can be formulated that will be a learning experience for sure! It feels so wonderful that I can give this to my daughter, because these kinds of truly professional experiences are what help you to learn and grow in leaps and bounds, musically. It’s really how I learned, and just how I love to see her learn too. There’s nothing like the real thing when it comes to learning your musical approach out there in the “real world,” and this was a perfect example of that!

It’s going to become more of a steady thing for me to play at this club, which really makes me happy, because it’s always fun tohave a place to play that can feel like a “home base” where you can count on being seen, and folks can count on seeing you! Here’s to more great nights like the one we had on Monday, and to you also having the ability and freedom to learn to adapt through the many kinds of wonderful gigs that might come your way!

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