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Getting Ready for a Big Session!


It’s always a challenge when you know that you have a big recording date coming up, and the one I have soon is certainly no exception! I’ve been invited to play with many luminaries on a wonderful Les Paul Tribute album, with Lou Pallo and the Les Paul Trio. Some of the other folks mentioned to be on this album will be players such as Keith Richards, Steve Miller, Johnny A., Jeff Beck and many more, so it’s quite an important album to be included on, and a real honor to be asked!

I’ll be doing my version of “Mr. Sandman”, which I once recorded on my “Landscape” album, and which Lou felt was a fitting tribute to Les, as this was the kind of song he loved to play, and it would be reminiscent of his kind of music. It’s hard to find anything that could ever compare to the kind of music Les Paul would actually make, and to even begin to properly pay tribute to him, but I knew Les, and he would be most happy just to know that we’re all playing, and playing for him!

Another interesting aspect of these recordings is that we are going strictly analog with this…no digital stuff. It’ll be just like the way records were always made, and thanks to Les once again, using the kind of multi-tracking he so brilliantly pioneered. I feel like he’ll be watching over us as these sessions unfold, and I couldn’t think of a more exciting project to be a part of.

I also just found out that Gibson has created a Lou Pallo signature Les Paul, which is a wonderful and fitting tribute to this man who had stood by Les Paul for so many years as his backup guitar player, and band leader. I really look forward to recording with Lou also, who is just terrific. I’ll also be overdubbing on a version of “Vaya Con Dios”, one of the biggest hits Les Paul and Mary Ford ever had, and that will also be a true honor.

The bottom line is that these are the kinds of moments, we, as musicians live for. Never in my wildest dreams did I think way back in 1967, when I was first buying my 1952 Les Paul goldtop, that I’d one day be invited to play on a tribute record to the man himself! I’ll be keeping you all posted on the progress of the album as it unfolds, but this certainly promises to be real milestone for me in my life, for sure!

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