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Friendship Through Guitar!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people can be drawn to each other through their mutual love of the guitar. Whether it is the playing itself, or simply collecting, I always seem to make new friends as the result of what a truly popular instrument this is! Not only that, but it always in the end seems to bring folks together who may’ve known each other a long time ago, serving as a way to re-kindle a friendship.

I know that many of my older friends always shared a love of the guitar with me, and the music would always stay at the core of our relationship. Those days, way back when, were the formative years for all of us musically, and we never forget what our guitar “relationships” taught us both as players, and as people. The early band experiences, jamming and especially the period of when me and my friends were “discovering” great players and great music was such an incredible “memory maker” that to this day, it still warms the heart just to think back! Those were certainly innocent days for sure, and the learning process was so important. When I see new students, or meet new guitar friends these days, I instantly go back a bit to that more innocent time, and in a way, sort of “transfer” myself back to those days as I can see the “newness” of the situation settling in on my new acquaintance. It’s also a great thing to draw upon those old feelings and memories when meeting someone new, as it further enriches what we are both experiencing.

Last night I made a new friend who was also as fanatical about guitar collecting as I am, and it was really hysterical as everyone else was watching us trying to top each other with so many collecting stories our heads were spinning! The funniest, and sometimes saddest stuff, is when we start to get into the “big ones that got away” stories; the great finds that we either just missed, or the guitars we wish we had back! I can safely say that there probably isn’t a single guitar I’ve ever sold that I didn’t wish I had back now! After all, I had them all for a reason…I LIKED them, and some of the great collectibles were sold long before anyone could ever dream that they’d reach the kinds of prices we’ve seen recently. The amazing thing that developed as we told and compared our stories was just how many of the guitars we were discussing were literally the same instruments! If I was lamenting the selling of my 1951 SJ 200, he was lamenting the loss of his 1959 J 200!

The main thing was that we had a great time sharing in this “guitar story fest” and that in the process, we were making new memories with each moment, as we talked, played and laughed our way into a new “guitar friendship!” Hope you’re busy making those guitar memories, too, because there just isn’t anything quite like them! Best of luck to ya!

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