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Promotion and Other Necessities!

Getting my new album ready now, and all of a sudden, there’s that kind of “empty” feeling that occurs when you realize it’s almost completely done, and you’ll have to really promote it and bring your music to the masses! It’s a little bit of a scary feeling, because when you “come down” from the “high” of doing so much creativity and music, the very thought of now having to deal with things basically on a business level, well, it gets pretty daunting.

Personally, I am looking forward to the challenge, but for me, it’s always the one thing that has held back my recording career. I’ve done lots of records, 12 solo ones so far, gotten lots of airplay, never really toured enough, and simply never had the record company backing that I deserved. These days, the business has totally changed. One good thing is that we can all now do much more “self-promotion”, on things such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and of course, our own websites. I mean when I hear an artist I am interested in, my first thought is to “Google” them, and to look up their website to find out more about them, and how I can get their music. There are websites where you can put up your music, and even get paid for downloads of it, such as “Band Camp” and others, and of course, you can keep track of all this too, far more easily than in the old days of having to trust record labels, many of whom could never be trusted in the first place!

Still, however, if you really expect to make a true impact, you must have people on your team. A real promo person for the press and internet, and a promo person for radio are really essential if you want to make the kind of “splash” you really deserve. When I see a well-known artist who is always busy with things, I immediately think about how much must be going on behind the scenes for these people. They are, after all, “mini industries” in their own right, who support legions of workers, have offices, booking agencies, and many promo and legal people at their beckon call!

Obviously, when it comes to record labels these days, much of that has changed, and there are very few, who even if they have signed you, will actually spend money on “tour support” or other important ways of backing an artist.

So, the era of being truly “independent” is here….I will be using promo people for sure, but I will also continue to build up my fan base and followers on Facebook and the like, and hope that it all translates into record sales. And oh yes, don’t forget….the biggest record store in the world now is a table, right after you’ve played your show. That seems to be the magic moment when everyone wants to leave with a little part of you, known as your music!

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