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My So-Called Second Life - Part VIII

 I've covered all the basics now for getting started playing in Second from a technical standpoint. I could keep writing until I had a book's worth of stuff, but for the sake of a blog-length series, this pretty much covers it. To recap, here's how it works in one post:

First, you need a late model Mac or Windows computer capable of running Second Life and then some. I say then some because you'll likely use the same computer to provide your live audio stream during your show, though there are plenty of performers who use a separate computer for streaming audio and another for logging in Second Life. 

You'll need a Second Life account. Its free. Go to Second Life, sign up an avatar with a name you can live with and then dress him or her up how you want to look. Once you've got your look down and know how to get around in the virtual world, you'll need some guitars. Gibson has its own island in Second Life, called Gibson Island. Visit that "sim" and choose from more than two dozen high detail models, from acoustics to electrics, even an amazing F5 style mandolin. 

You'll want to search around Second Life to buy a tip jar, which is a script in a prim that lets people click on it and give you money when they like what you're doing. You can take the money you make from performance fees and tips and sell it back to Second Life, then put that cash into your PayPal account. 

You'll need either WinAmp with the SHOUTcast plugin or Nicecast software to capture the sound from your computer's audio device. You'll configure it to stream your sound by inputing the server address and port number, along with password, of the SHOUTcast server stream you'll be using for your show. You'll get that info either from the virtual venue hosting your show, or by providing your own SHOUTcast server if you're that geeky, or by renting a SHOUcast server from a provider. 

Visit venues on Second Life to hear other people play. Let the venue owner know you're a musician and looking for a gig. Most of them are actively looking for new people to play. Or, get in touch with me "in world" by instant messaging my avatar, Von Johin, and I'll get you a slot playing on Gibson Island. 

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