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Coloring Your Tone With EQ, Part 1

On any recording session, I try to get the right tone from the instrument using the best mic, preamp, mic placement, etc... But more often than not, I can still improve the sound on mixdown with EQ.

Using the right amount of EQ or equalization, you can make a guitar sound much bigger or thin the sound out to make it sit in the mix better and give a distinct sound that cuts thru the mix without being too loud.

Tip: When I track an instrument I try to capture the way it really sounds even if it’s a little thick for the track.  I find that I can use eq to shape the sound the way I need it. I think it’s always better to keep the original sound intact instead of running the risk of recording the track with too much bass or too many highs.

Using a computer to record and mix, I also rely on software plug-ins that are models of the original hardware. For example, Universal Audio and Waves both make really pro sounding software that does a great job.

- Mike Harrison

Next time I’ll be using EQ to shape the guitar tone — stay tuned!

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