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Coloring Your Tone With EQ, Part 2

When it comes to recording and mixing the rule I live by is “There Are No Rules” it seems like it’s all a matter of opinion anyway. What sounds good to one person may sound like X%#! to the next person so this EQ guide is just a starting point.

I recorded an Epiphone John Lennon 1965 Casino guitar thru a Gibson GA 20 amp. I used a SM 57 thru a Chandler TG2 preamp.

Here is the sound of the Guitar with no EQ


Here is the Guitar with a few EQ choices I used the Helios 69 EQ plug in by UA.


200 Hz +15 dB 2 kHz +8 dB


Bass Cut Shelving mode 50Hz -9 dB 1.4 kHz +8 dB


300 Hz +3 dB 2.75 kHz +8 dB

EQs work and sound different so use this as a starting point and adjust the gain to your taste.

Next time I’ll be talking about effects and double tracking.

-Mike Harrison


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