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Meet Bart Walsh

Bart Walsh - Gibson USA Guy

Bart Walsh brings more than 30 years of guitar playing and teaching experience to his Gibson guitar clinics. From his early days touring the Southeastern club circuit to his world tours with Van Halen’s David Lee Roth, Walsh has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of rock and blues guitar styles—and the music theory that makes it all work.

The North Carolina native began playing in club bands in the late 1970s. During touring breaks he also started to teach guitar professionally. In 1986 he moved to Hollywood, where he broadened his skills by studying at the Musicians Institute with such influential guitarists as Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, and Howard Roberts. He later taught at the Institute.

Bart immersed himself in the L.A. rock scene, founding several original rock acts, as well as the Atomic Punks—an in-demand Van Halen tribute band that swept the West Coast club scene in the mid-’90s. Bart built up an impressive list of credits as a session player, contributing to recordings with David Lee Roth, Tia Carrere, and Brett Michaels, and provided tracks for TV shows King of the Hill, Special Ops Force, and Snoops. In 1999, Bart embarked on a three-year stint with David Lee Roth’s band that took him on two worldwide tours, playing in front of a million fans on three continents.

Bart Walsh’s Gibson guitar clinic is a comprehensive tour of rock and blues music. Bart’s wide range of performance and teaching experience, his knowledge of music theory, and his deep understanding of the history and construction of Gibson guitars proves him time and again to have the riff, the explanation, and the anecdote—whatever it takes to make you a better player.

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