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The Les Paul 2010 Standard Limited

I’ve been playing this guitar a lot lately and just recently started getting into the R.I.P. and the Chameleon editor software and I totally love it.

The guitar itself is a beautiful Fireball finish that blends Heritage Cherry elements with a vintage tobacco sunburst to create a totally unique aesthetic. It has a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge and P 90H in the neck with an ebony board. But the coolest thing of all is that it has the exact same onboard technology as the Dusk Tiger. It comes loaded with 11 factory robotic tuning presets and 11 Chameleon tone presets. The Chameleon tone presets emulate very famous guitars through a 4-band parametric EQ, pick-up selections and wiring variances. In addition, there are 8 banks of 11 customizable user presets that can edit pick-up EQ’s and tunings for total of 88. The tuning is faster than ever before and the Chameleon tone editor is one of the slickest things I have ever seen.

Let's talk a bit about the editor. You will need to purchase a R.I.P. (Robot Interface Pack) aftermarket to be able to use the editor.  The R.I.P. is a firewire I/O as well as a firmware updater and editor sync. Creating new tuning presets and orders has never been so easy. After downloading the software from the Gibson.com site, I simply click the notes I want on the digital headstock, save, and then drag and drop the new tuning to any of the tuning and/or custom preset banks. I can place the tunings in any order I choose on the MCK with custom names. Now I have my tunings in the order I like. 

In my next blog we will take a look at the pick-up editor.


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