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2013 The Year of The Les Paul

2013 Year of The Les PaulHey Everyone,

Almost no single piece of initially derided genius has ever had more impact on the music industry and instrument field than what the “Wizard of Waukesha” aka: Lester Polfus aka: Les Paul did originally in 1946.  That year saw Les create the first solid body guitar known as, “The Log.”  Originally rejected by Gibson, and largely panned by critics Les became known as, “The Broomstick Guy.”  The Log was a 4x4 piece of pine with a set neck, homemade pickups and bridge, and two semi-hollow body Epiphone wings attached to the sides using brackets.  But all this changed when Ted McCarty, then head of Gibson, summoned Les Paul and took another look at the idea of a solid body and in 1952 the Les Paul was born.

The first production runs were Gold Tops with a trapeze tailpiece and soap bar P-90 pickups.  Today Gibson USA has reissued this very guitar as a tribute to Les Paul. The entry level LPJ has become an instant classic with its Les Paul looks, maple neck, rosewood board, maple top and a traditional weight relieved body with the 498/490 pick up combos.  Other guitars in the 2013 line are the LP ‘50’s tribute with P-90’s, the ‘60’s tribute with Burstbuckers, and the ‘70’s tribute with a volute and Dirty Finger.  In the true spirit of Les Paul’s innovation each of these models can also come with the revolutionary self-tuning keys the Min-ETune.  Also new to 2013 in the Gibson USA line is the Les Paul Signature T with 57 classic coil taps.  All of these guitars are handcrafted in the Nashville plant and represent over 50 years of a true genius that changed music forever.  Thank you, Les, this  is your year.

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