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NAMM 2010

Gibson USA announced the new Slash Guitar at NAMM 2010 on Saturday, January 16th.  Slash came by the booth on Saturday at 3PM to sign autographs and have some personal time with his new guitar.  After signing some autographs, Slash went into a private room to play the new guitar for a few minutes. 

While at NAMM, I had the opportunity to sit through a three song set by Aaron Lewis of Staind.  The last song he played was Country Boy.  We also had the opportunity to meet Ted Nugent who stopped by for a brief moment.  While there, he gave me the official Ted Nugent Stick Man Autograph on my very own napkin.  Check it out.


We will be launching several guitars throughout the coming months so stay tuned.  February will be a particularly hot month with two new guitars that will be announced soon. 

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