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Hello from the Gibson USA Shop Floor!

Chris Anderson here and I am making my first visit to the Gibson Plant.Over the next two weeks I will be visiting each production step in the process of producing a Gibson Electric guitar and sharing it with you.The making of a high quality Gibson Guitar is truly amazing!

So, it all starts with the wood!Truckloads of wood are delivered to the plant each week.That is when the experience and expertise of the wood specialists at Gibson come into play.They base their decisions on which wood works best based on grain, color, moisture content and overall quality.This group manages the initial wood preparation (planing and sanding) and body cuts (based on style).When these are completed the materials move up to the main plant floor to begin their journey towards becoming a Gibson Guitar.

Here I am with Brian Steppy who manages the rotary cutting of guitar necks.

Joey Green explains to me the intricacies of choosing wood for body cuts.

Their expertise comes from years of on-the-job experience, training, and most importantly, the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next.These craftsmen are the first step in making sure that the Gibson you purchase delivers the quality and workmanship you have come to expect!

See you next time! Keep it real and keep it Gibson!

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