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The T-Style 3-way Switch Mod

"The T-Style 3-way Switch Mod"

I love guitar tips that are simple for the DIY-minded guitar player, especially mods that are completely reversible. This week’s guitar mod is focused on “T-Style” guitars and their control plate. As many T-style players know, the 3-way pickup selector switch can often get in the way of your picking hand, and it is very easy to mistakenly switch pickups in mid-windmill. Suddenly your righteous neck tone is transformed into an icy tone. Whoops.

Here is a simple mod that will fix your 3-way switch blues: Turn your control plate 180 degrees. Then your pickup selector switch is well out of the way of your picking hand. You can also re-position your volume and tone knobs anyway you wish. Some guitars are easier to mod than others, and it all depends on how much wire slack you have. The pics below will help explain the idea.

Until next week, keep playing.

Kevin Philbin
Product Manager – Gibson Gear

T-Style Guitar:
T-Style Guitar

Control plate before mod:
T-Style Guitar - Control Plate Before Mod

Control plate after mod:
T-Style Guitar - Control Plate After Mod

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