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Bailey Brother’s Five Star Event

Gibson master luthier Ren Ferguson recently visited one of the hottest Gibson Five Star Dealers in the U.S., Bailey Brothers Music in Birmingham, Ala., to unveil three new historic models exclusive to our Five Star Dealers. Owner Clay Bailey and Gibson Acoustic Certified Specialist Keith Edwards set the stage with a beautiful display of Gibson Acoustic models for Ferguson to bring to life with stories of their history, unique qualities, famous owners, platinum records and living-room rock stars.


Ferguson shared his own stories as well, including how he came to make some of the finest acoustic guitars in the industry and arguably the best acoustic guitars Gibson has ever produced.


Perhaps the most moving moment came later though, when Ferguson returned to the shop in Montana. A letter arrived from a fellow who had driven over two hours to be in the audience at Baileys. Included in the note were two photos, one of his grandson, Gibson (no kidding), with his Papa's 1949 ES – 125 and one with three generations of Gibson Acoustic fans: father, son and grandson each with their favorite Gibson Acoustic. The letter was passed around the office soliciting "oooh's" over both Gibsons in the picture.


Thanks to all the staff at Bailey Brothers Music who helped to put on a great event with Gibson friends and thanks to all who attended and shared their stories with us.


Bailey Brothers has been providing quality musical instruments and educational opportunities to the Birmingham area for over 25 years.



Little Gibson & his Papa's 1949 Gibson ES-125.


Robert Sr., Robert Jr. & Gibson with their favorite Gibson guitars, an AJ, LC-7 and a new J-45 purchased from Bailey Brothers in Birmingham.


Keith Edwards, Ren Ferguson and Clay Bailey, Bailey Brothers Music, Birmingham, Ala.


Ren Ferguson shares talks about recreating historic 1930s model Gibson Acoustic guitars.


Everyone wanted to test drive a new Gibson Acoustic and say they jammed with Ferguson.



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