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John Oates Visits Montana

Gibson Montana received a special treat recently with a visit from John Oates, of the band Hall and Oates.

Flying in from his home in Colorado, John came to Bozeman to work with Ren Ferguson and Don Ruffatto hoping to create the guitar of his dreams. Having played many brands and styles of acoustic guitars over the years, he was looking for that “one” guitar to use both in the studio, and for his other solo, duo and band gigs that he regularly performs.

Don guided John through a factory tour, giving him a chance to not only see the hand work that goes into each Gibson, but also to let him look at the many different models in production and getideas for his own guitar. After the tour, they settled into the conference room with Ren Ferguson, and along with the visual aid of a few choice models, slowly put together the spec sheets on what was to become John’s newest favorite instrument.

After much deliberation, John chose to have a variation on a historic B-25 built. As he already owns a couple of vintage J-45s, John was looking for something that would compliment his other Gibsons (and non Gibsons).

The end of the day brought a special treat, as John found out that his good friend Lyle Lovett was performing in Bozeman. After getting to see a wonderful show, John, along with Don and Dale Ruffatto, were able to spend a little time visiting with Lyle and the band.

John recently received his new Gibson, and was ecstatic. This is what he had to say:

“Having a hand in creating this guitar was one of the hi-lights of my musically life... I mean it. Trying to envision what it would look and sound like and then having the reality far exceed my expectations was amazing. The workmanship is superb and it has the warm and "worn in" sound of a 40 year old vintage instrument. The finish is unique and at the same time very traditional in the classic Gibson style. It was so much fun meeting and hanging out with all the great folks up in Montana and knowing that I now have a one-of-a-kind instrument all my own.”

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