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prophecy les paul custom GX

prophecy les paul custom GX


Photo shoots with guitars are always fun and this morning was no exception. We had a need for some additional shots of the Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX and let me tell you… even though I have seen this guitar in person many times, it never fails to induce “tongue-hanging-out-of-mouth” syndrome! WOW! I know you will think I am totally biased but I have to say that this guitar is one of the baddest looking six-strings you will ever see. The Quilted Maple top in Black Cherry with gold hardware accents is nothing less than stunning. And it doesn’t stop with just good looks either. The satin-finish neck is super-fast and Gibson USA Dirty Fingers pickups make this thing scream!

Do yourself a favor… don’t take my word for it but run down to your local Epi dealer and check out the LPGX for yourself… in person. You’ll see what I am talking about. In the mean time you can check out the entire Prophecy line at the Epiphone Prophecy Micro-Website by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE to find your local Epiphone dealer.

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