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BB King Looming Large – Custom Shop "Shot of the Day"

Guitar giant, BB King looks over the shoulders of the operators at the Custom Shop every day to make sure they’re getting it right (while being more than happy to add a few riffs).

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Hands On – Custom Shop “Shot of the Day”

One of the many items that helps create the Gibson Custom mojo is the vast amount of artisan handwork that goes in to each stage of production. 

Below, an Operator is hand rolling a neck to its final shape, measuring as he goes along. If he takes too much off, it won’t make the cut and will need to be scrapped. Sure…there is some CNC assistance to help get the rough neck shape going, but the final periphery is finessed and achieved by the Operator’s artistic wisdom channeled via his hands. Hands that have innumerable hours of experience in creating the necks that will be part of the legendary Gibson Custom Shop offerings.

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Teamwork – Custom Shop “Shot of the Day”

How many Custom Shop employees does it take to silk screen Billy Gibbons’ signature onto the lid of a Custom Shop case??  Well…based on the picture below, looks like five.

At Custom, the art of teamwork is required and practiced at every level of operation, even with something like silk screening the signature of an iconic Artist onto a case.  It is this kind of teamwork that insures mutual commitment to producing the most sought after guitars in the world.

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Billy Gibbons “Pearly Gates” Les Paul – Custom Shop “Shot of the Day”

Seymour Duncan “Pearly Gates” pickups being expertly installed in this “VOS” version of the Billy Gibbons “Pearly Gates” Les Paul.  There will be a total of 250 “VOS” Billy Gibbons “Pearly Gates” produced in the world.

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Experience – Custom Shop “Shot of the Day”

Experience is arguably one of the most elusive attributes in any company and certainly in the current economic climate. Employers and employees alike are currently finding it more and more difficult to engender a lasting relationship.
At Custom, we are lucky enough to tout numerous long standing employees, thus obtaining the rare benefit that experience affords. Experience that expertly informs every aspect of making iconic guitars. 
Pictured below is one such experienced operator, Richard Ickes. Richard has been taking part in making Gibson guitars since 1963. Whether its selecting tops, pressing up bodies, numerous other tasks or routing wiring channels as pictured below, Richard's awe inspiring experience informs every detail of everything he does. How lucky we are and how lucky the Custom fans are to have him.

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Billy Gibbons with his “Pearly Gates” Les Paul – Custom Shop “Shot of the Day”

Billy Gibbons looming large next to Custom Shop’s Operations Manager, Mike McGuire in the breakroom at Gibson Custom. While Mike’s beard is certainly impressive, I believe Mike’s beard has got just a little ways to go to catch Billy's...


By the way…I am told the long awaited Billy Gibbons “Pearly Gates” Les Paul will be available in July. Yes, that’s what I said…July. Now…go out and get yourself some cheap sunglasses to go along with your Gibbons “Pearly Gates” Les Paul and strongly consider heading to La Grange!

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Pink’s Guitarist Justin Derrico Talks to Gibson About His Les Paul Axcess

Justin Derrico, guitarist for pop star Pink, stopped by the Beverly Hills Gibson Showroom to shoot a video for Gibson.com and talk about his Les Paul Axcess. Justin is on a 2-year-long tour with super-star, and it’s taken him around the world, including 50+ sold-out dates in Australia. Pink hits the U.S. in September and October. Be on the lookout for video footage of Justin’s visit to the Showroom.

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A Sneak Peek at the Billy Gibbons 1959 “Pearly Gates” Les Paul from Gibson Custom!

Is there a Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates model in the works at the Custom Shop?

Well … that would be a Texas-sized yes! Gibson Custom has already spent many weeks working in conjunction with legendary guitarist and artist Billy Gibbons, as well as multiple vendors, to develop a limited run of arguably the most legendary guitar ever, his beloved Gibson 1959 “Pearly Gates” Les Paul.

In this picture, that’s Billy’s “Pearly Gates” guitar on the right (as if you needed me to tell you) with the color sample by Gibson Custom sitting next to it. Release date of this icon is set to be in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned for updates and details …

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Custom Shop to Run Les Paul Axcess Standard “Edu-Contest”

Les Paul Axcess

I have it from a good source that in the next couple of weeks, Gibson Custom is going to be providing its fans the opportunity to win a brand new Les Paul Axcess Standard w/Floyd Rose by having the entrants answer just a few questions about this exciting new Custom model on the Gibson Web site.

I am told that going through and answering the short list of eight questions regarding the Axcess will be generally pain free (ahem) and yes; there will be a score at the end. Yes I know, I know … answering questions can be stressful and … well … scoring …?  Relax … I am assured the score doesn’t really have anything to do with whether or not you win and is simply intended to be fun and educational, but … come on … it’s a pride thing right? We all like to score … uh ... well right? 

In order for you to bone up on your Axcess knowledge ahead of time, here is the link to the Les Paul Axcess Standard.

Stay tuned for contest updates and details as the fun will soon begin!

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